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  1. Hi Everyone. My new band has some rough demos up at The Levee Strollers on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Its a bluegrass/folk type of thing... Have a listen and let us know what you think. We are looking for shows in Aberdeen...if anyone has anything suitable get in touch! Cheers Iain
  2. you have to have the fire certificate...if not most professional venues wont let you use it.
  3. just tried Mr Li's on crown terrace...im afraid it was bloody awful! first they brought me a meat soup (when i asked for a veggie one) then they brought me some gelatinous gloop...it tasted of stale oil. yuck. the rest of it was either bland, tough meat or not as described on the menu. and it cost 20 per head with no booze. not recommended by me anyway...maybe i was just unlucky cos the other guy said it was good.
  4. Sam...its absolutely not up to the festival if the band brings an engineer or not...its the bands decision and the crew at the festival should deal with it...you should have gone anyway!
  5. is there anywhere i could buy mandolin strings in aberdeen on a sunday? cheers, Iain
  6. Good condition 2nd gen 16GB ipod touch. Bought 9 months ago but not used that much. Has a few scratches on the back but the screen is perfect...its always been kept in a silicone case. Comes with headphones and sync cable. 150.00 iain
  7. Sunburst with tortoiseshell guard. I have the shiny bridge cover too. Plays amazing and sounds great...this is from the time that the Japanese factory was producing really high quality instruments. Serial E839518 Comes with hardshell case. Ill try and post pics later on. 450.00
  8. think im going to keep hold of it. its too good to sell!
  9. im still interested in the cab if its still there email me at iainpthomson@gmail.com if it is cheers i
  10. aye nt2 is ok...id always go for a 2nd hand 421 though. it is THE mic for gtr cab, bass cab, toms, brass as mentioned. its also good for kick drum and vocals / speech too. all of this in the studio or live. i need to get myself a couple!
  11. for brass you cant go wrong with a sennheiser MD421 or an electrovoice RE-20 if you ask me!
  12. Truly awesome amp and cab for sale. Its the twin channel version. Head is 3 yrs old...not used much either. Comes with proper orange footswitch (30 new)and a plush cover that cost me 50 bucks. Cab is missing the marshall logo but in good nick apart from that. Comes with vinyl cover Offers? The head goes for 850 new and the cab 430 ish. Its in glasgow but im up in aberdeen for a gig at the lemon tree in a couple of weeks (21st) so could meet folk there. Iain
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