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Disco, folk and punk


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Now THIS is more like it

It's a pish ' date=' pretty much what to expect with someone that has too much time on their hands , or too much drugs either way it sounds like you ripped off Wesley Willis.[/quote']

I can assure you I DO have too much time, but am not a druggie and have never heard of Wesley Willis, but, Och aye the noo was inspired by Ivor Cutler.

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it's almost as popular as the Pop gun assasins rant on lesbotic action - which was sadly shut down by a moderator -which is probably just as well or it would have turned out to be another fiasco like the groupie Sparkles hunt for a yummy boy to suck off in the toilets.

I love the feedback forum - you hardly ever get feedback, but plenty people will look in to see if there is any scurrilous gossip or pant wettingly great argument about whos band are shite or braw - depending on the listener.

Anway, all this speaking shite has given me an idea - I am going to attempt to write a song about love and hate on Aberdeen music, so, what do you love or hate about it ? -and what debauchery would you like the lyrics to include?.

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