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  1. aggressive marketing? did you u70jc put the hard sale on you kimy?
  2. i remember playing in the lemon tree with atom flask, you guys were shit hot. maple were cool as fuck and should have gone onto big things. and broccolli, a band from dundee that played in aberdeen a lot.
  3. we weren't an aberdeen band but played with all of the above. the mighty human generator called it a day in the late 90's after i moved to canada and reformed for a short spell in 2004. billy went onto form deviltrain, ali played drums for deviltrain for a short period then hung his sticks and sg up, biz has been involved in many projects and i have sold my soul to the tribute band circuit we may get back together for a 25 year reunion gig. :band:8-)
  4. it 3 to buy, i think jayne is getting at the cost if it's bought online to include post and package,
  5. hi two joe, we have licence to print 1000 copies, we can sell them at gigs and use them for promotional use. we are not allowed to sell them in retail shops or we'd have to get permission from the artists or publishers and give them their royalties. the licence is from the mechanical copyright protection society. the cd is available from chaos creations in the aberdeen market. just don't tell kevin rowland or he'll be round in drag with his midnight runners to collect their share.
  6. you asked for our permission to use our recordings, and we were honoured to be asked. i don't think we would have got the same results in any other local studio. mark got the best out of everyone in the band. we would have been happy with the first take but he managed to get more out us.
  7. cheers woody, i canna keep up with all the new hip words on the street.
  8. the broch sucks, the bloo toon's far it's at:up:
  9. i think they have been taken off line.
  10. friday night ska:up: featuring skaville uk and rhoda (bodysnatchers) dakar, aka ska to warm up the rude kids around 10.
  11. he looked ok tonight.
  12. cool, we are gigging that night, any other gigs planned?
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