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PS3 delayed in Europe till March next year


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Oh dear Sony, what are you doing?

Apparently Pro Evo 6 and Fifa 07 are only going to appear on the Xbox 360 as well due to some sort of deal - though (as far as I've read) it seems that it's "generation locked" and so might appear on the PS2.

Anyone want to start betting that Japan/America will only see a very limited launch of the PS3 this side of Christmas?

edit : Allegedly, Sony have cut the amount of consoles at launch too - down to 100,000 in Japan and 400,000 in North America.

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Doesn't surprise me one single bit. Europe are always getting the last scraps of all things video game from Japan. Sony mustn't realise that Christmas sales is a major major part of releasing a new console. If the PSP was released over here just before Christmas 2004, it probably would have given it a significant lead in the handheld market in Europe to the DS. Well, at least until people realised it wasn't as fun as the DS and UMD movies are a complete waste of money.

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I'm sure if they could, they would manufacture enough PS3s in time for a worldwide launch this November. I think it's wiser for Sony to launch in each territory once they have enough stock in order to avoid the events (or non-events) seen at the 360s launch. It would be better if they launched here first though!

Just think of the price of GAME's compulsory 8 game bundles. Will they finally break 1K? Will people still buy them? (probably)




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