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having been on Grizzly Twister's tail for about a year now, they finally make it to Aberdeen...and it just so happens it falls on my birthday (well the day before, but close enough to use it as an excuse!) this will be a belter of a gig...WHAT A LINE UP


Spoken of as a total experience, The Grizzly Twister has been compared with bands reaching over a broad spectrum, something like a mixture of The Dillingers Escape Plan, Refused, Lack, JR Ewing and even the Blood Brothers, with some journalists even comparing them to something as abstract as Junior Senior. Musically located somewhere in-between disco and the soundtrack to the end of the world, they have often been described by critics as "twisted blip-blip-hardcore", emotionally schizophrenic in everyway; optimistically destructive yet happily pitch-dark www.myspace.com/thegrizzlytwister www.grizzlytwister.tk

THE PLAGUE SERMON (midmarch records)

From Brighton, the Plague Sermon destroy with their brutality while at the same time enchant with their melody, soundscapes merge with screamo; in the vein of city of catapillar, neil perry and at times botch and mastadon, the Plague Sermon writes music not songs, switching time signatures instead of creating hooks, choruss will not be tolerated. Its time to sit down and concentrate, with a bottle of bourbon, and drink yourself into noise enhanced stupor.they are out for blood. www.midmarchrecords.com www.myspace.com/theplaguesermon

GRIZZLY TWISTER/THE PLAGUE SERMON have just released a split 7" released through Midmarch Records/My Favourite Toy Records, limited to 300 copies, on sexy white vinyl...you *may* be able to buy one at the show, providing they havent sold out by the time they get to aberdeen!


most of you will know this lot by now, Arkade faves TAWFAWW sounds and feels a lot like getting a particularly brutal beating from four slightly disturbed young men with big sticks borrowed from DAUGHTERS, nails from THE LOCUST and shards of glass from BOTCH. featuring members of Torqamada, Julia Thirteen, Loss Leader & ex Fighting Red Adair, they have just completed their first album, 'Notes From A Dirty Old Man', 13 brutal songs, condensed into a 14 minute beating...mixed and mastered by Iain Cook of Aereogramme. www.myspace.com/takeaworm


Future plans for Filthpact in 2006 include a split 7" with Condemned Unit from Texas due for release later on this year through Reprocreate Records, a split LP with Atomgevitter which will be released this summer on a number of European labels, various festival appearances over the summer and a short UK tour in late November. www.myspace.com/filthpact www.blackboxrecords.co.uk





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incidentally, ive got a few thousand fliers for this gig (nice handy little colour ones, double sided with Sincabeza gig) to scatter around town/at gigs...have covered a fair few places but im off on holiday in a weeks time so anyone willing to take some of the fliers off my hands, and help spread the word...FEEL FREE!! i'd love you forever! :love:

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aye i know this is a tuesday, not always ideal....but FUCK IT!!! THIS IS A MONSTER LINE UP!!! and its summer!! (well supposed to be!) and you know that the 21st is the longest day...so after this gig its all down hill to winter again hahaha

**support the scene or there wont be one***

(we need smilies on this board, human pyramid ones!!! or bolt throwing ones!!!)

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yeah the gig was cool...bit wierd what with people watching the football, hence the late start at around 10pm. kinda quieter than i thought it would be but never mind, dunno if the change of venue had anything to do with it... but in actual fact it was apparantly the busiest gig of the tour though!!....bands were great, Grizzly Twister and Plague Sermon were very happy to be in aberdeen, had a ball...and i got bad tinitus from the night...a great birthday present!!!!

and yes Take A Worm were immense...the album is amazing


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