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Radiohead in Edinburgh May 22nd.

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Radiohead to make long-awaited live return

And NME wants to hear from you

Radiohead are set to kick off their first tour since 2004 in Copenhagen (May 6).

The band will be debuting new material from their eagerly awaited seventh album and NME wants to hear your verdict.

Send us your track-by-track reviews, pictures, thoughts and setlists to news@nme.com and let us know what you think of the return of Radiohead.

As always, we will be down at the front of the gig so be sure to keep checking NME.COM for the first and best review of the night.

The tour will hit the UK next week (May 12) with shows in Blackpool, Wolverhampton and London.

Fans get expect the band to premiere tracks from the follow-up to 'Hail To Thief' but, having only done one interview in two years, what the new album will actually sound like remains is a closely guarded secret.

Thom Yorke told NME: "I always wanted us to be in a situation like Tom Waits was when he stopped for a long time and came out and did 'Swordfishtrombones' and 'Raindogs'. He started again and was doing a lot of that from his own studio at his own time at his own pace and it seemed to be a world apart from anything else that was going on."

"I think that was just him finding his own space, and removing himself from the bits he hated about where he'd been before," he added. "And I think that's what we're in the process of doing."

Tracks that could appear on the set-list include 'Nude', 'House Of Cards', 'Down Is The New Up', 'Videotape' and '15 Step' as well as 'Arpeggi' and 'Bodysnatchers'.

Radiohead's tour will call at:

Copenhagen KB Hall (May 6-7)

Amsterdam Heineken Hall (9-10)

Blackpool Empress Ballroom (12-13)

Wolverhampton Civic (15-16)

London Hammersmith Apollo (18-19)

V Festival (August 19-20)

Edinburgh Meadowbank Stadium (22)

Dublin Marlay Park (24)

Has anyone gottten tickets for this?

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jemma - are you meeting ben during the day?

what gave it away?

the zoo?

the dancing?

...or just the radiohead bit?

well, that was the plan anyway.

need to get my act together some time before august.

come too!

(psss. seriously no hard feelings, etc. i hate holding grudges.)

(ppsss. how are you getting down? i spoke to my lift and he's decided he doesn't want to play. loser.)

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the zoo and the dancing made me think of ben...

i will be about - but supposedly have school that day so dunnooo - but i will have to meet ben at some point.

ps. sooo happy we're cool - thanks luv

pps. megabus i think - feel free to join me... :)

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