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SchneiderTM @ Tunnels


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Had an enjoyable night last night, although must admit to being a little to refreshed to remember everything with clarity.

Gravenhurst - the quiet/loud thing. Good in places I thought.

Schneider TM - some good stuff, although I found it a bit hard to get into. Too many notes perhaps.

Magnetophone and Sonic Boom - was a bit the worse for wear by this stage but from what I remember this was pretty incredible. Amazing hypnotic music. The man Sonic still has the knack.

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first band were pretty shite, just sounded like slint and i saw slint, so they were shite, dudes in the toilet thought they were amazin and schneider was shite. they are wrong, fukin idiots

tm were amazing. yep amazing, like caribou but better and european.

last band were amazing aswell. sonic boom is the boy like

pretty amazing night, hines got topless

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