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Ipod video question


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It's notoriously hard to do. I even downloaded software that is supposted to convert any type of file to work exclusively with the ipod video. It converted it alright (as I can see the mpeg4 file), and I even got it onto itunes but as soon as I plug the ipod into the PC it updates everything except the damned video. (A little message pops up at the end. )

I just gave up in the end because it wasn't porn therefore not worth the effort.

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videora is indeed the way forward.

the video feature on my ipod is fairly redundant though. if i watch an episode of anything while i'm on my way to work, the battery end ups so knackered that I can't listen to much music before it dies completely.

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google to goal! in less than a minute.

if i remember correctly' date=' it takes forever and a day to convert anything. and doesn't always work. the fact that my computer was a piece of junk might have contributed to that though.[/quote']

I'm the same as Elwood here. Only some of my MOV files will convert. (The same ones will convert on Videora and Nero so there must be something about the old MOV files I'm trying to convert.)

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