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Trace elliot


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Would anyone be interested in ...

Trace Elliot rack mount 12 band graphic preamp...

Trace Elliot stereo power amp.... 600w (I think)

Trace Elliot 4x10 cab

Rack to house amp and pre amp with room to spare...

All in good nick and fully working....

Price...nae sure yet, available soon....

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selling bits on own?

liek the sound of the 4 x10

would i like the price??

Its actually the bass player from Pallas's back line, he gets the urge to change it every now and then, I suspect he'll want to sell it all together but I'll ask him.

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What is he looking to change to? I have some nice vintage gear he might like:up:

Behave yourself, its me that'll have to look after the old shit on the road and I've had enough of that. He used to tour with ancient hiwatt amps and an old valve ampeg.....nightmare!!

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