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our lady peace...

Danny Doubt

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yep...happiness is a fuckin superb album, the drumming on that album and the dynamics of raine maidas voice are immense aswell as his lyrics.

'waited', 'thief' and 'one man army' are a few of best the picks!

Gravity was a good effort too producing hits like 'innocent', 'somewhere out there' and 'not enough' the latest album Healthy in Paranoid times is not too shabby either with 'will the future blame us', 'where are you' and 'walking in circles'.

I cant believe orginal guitarist mike turner left, that pissed me off, but raine seems to write everything now so thats maybe why the went a bit more commercial.

anyway whats everyones thoughts im just looking out for some tour dates in the UK again.

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to say they were absolutely amazing is putting it lightly.

next time they tour though you might not have to travel ;)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas MIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know in advance so i can make sure i absolutely have nothing on....

I'll order a t-shirt of their site when they get back from tour as its down while they're away :)

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