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Femal Guitarist looking...


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FUCK i spelt female wrong. great start :)

....to join/form a band (obviously).

i'm 19, live in aberdeen and have been playing music for a few years and have had no luck finding anyone who plays instruments, hence this post.

i Like: mostly punk-rock and rock music although i like most genres of guitar music and am open to ideas such as electronica influences etc. i'm totally obsessed with music. bands i like include: the clash, AFI, refused, alkaline trio, rancid, sleater-kinney, dresden dolls, radiohead, arcade fire, thursday, descendants, scarling., fugazi, ramones, propagandhi, at the drive-in, plus a hundred or so more. (you get the idea) i do not like avril lavinge however.:up:

i'm more of an intermediate guitarist (i've concentrating on art mostly for the past 2 yrs) and play mostly rhythm guitar but whatevers cool. i have a lot of ambition.

but yeah this is just a shot in the dark for likeminded people.


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I've been through a similar situation myself - things will pick up! but it takes a bit of time.

Go out to gigs you like of the weekend and speak to all the people you can' date=' there are lots of musicians out there - t'internet is so unpersonal![/quote']

thanks for the advice

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I like the sound of this.

I'm a bass player (21) currently in the midst of another band so I don't know how much time I'd have free til summer time but anyways...

I listen to alot of different kind of music including Blink, Green Day, Korn, Metallica, Death Cab, Postal Service, Franz, Lostprophets, Oasis and loads others but my main influences lay within the punk rock scene ala Fall Out Boy, Panic! My Chem etc etc etc

PM me if you like what you read :)

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