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HOT MANGU ALBUM LAUNCH.. plus new tunes, new website


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Hi everyone

The Hot Mangu and Karloff Album Launch gig is on April 1st @ The Lemon Tree

Doors 9pm

Tickets available at such places as oneup, retro rebels, captain toms, from the bands etc.

priced at somewhere around 5

you should also be able to get them online

- http://www.hotmangu.com

support on the night comes from the mighty We Shall Be Blessed

and 5 Finger Discount

Both the Hot Mangu Album and the Karloff one are priced at 10

- our one also comes with a free DVD

and we'll also be making an extra special DVD to give away to the 1st people who buy the album - this will have footage from the drummonds gig last month which featured both Hot Mangu and Karloff and some other cool stuff that we couldnt fit on the Hot Mangu DVD

Hot Mangu and Karloff are then off on tour together

still some dates to be confirmed..

but it looks something like this

Mar 27th - DVD Premiere, Tunnels, Aberdeen

Mar 31st - Doghouse, Dundee

Apr 1st - Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Apr 2nd - Hootananny's, Inverness

Apr 3rd - One Up Instore, Aberdeen

Apr 3rd - Hillside Hall, nr Montrose

Apr 4th - The Vale, Glasgow

Apr 5th - Studio 24, Edinburgh

Apr 6th - Angry Mics, Perth

Apr 7th - Exeter Inn, Barnstaple, Devon

Apr 8th - Hollywood Diner, London (tbc)

Apr 9th - The Junction, Bristol (tbc)

Apr 10th -

Apr 11th -

Apr 12th - The Drezla Lounge, Liverpool

Apr 13th - The Ivy House, Sunderland

Apr 14th - Enigma, Newcastle

Apr 15th - Angry Mics, Perth


so we'll hopefully see u all at some of the shows!

you can check out a couple of newer tunes here


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