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Johnny Cash night on Sunday 26th Feb @ Cafe Drummonds (this sunday)

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isn't short notice the worst band name in the history of band names? although ghost of bongo and death by dave aren't much better i guess. (i might add nothing against the bands musically or any of that just saying i'm not keen on those names)

still, sounds like a good night! can't beat a johnny cash night.

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I am hurt *hurts*

Took hours of inebriation to come up with Death by Dave.........................

sorry man, don't take it personally! it only occurred to me as i was posting that Death by Dave wasn't that good a name. i'd only really posted cause i've seen poster for short notice round college and the name always struck me as poor. didn't think it would be fair to mention just the one band from that list and leave the others with poor names out.

the thing that annoys me about short notice is that it's kinda rebellious but in the lamest of ways:

"yea we're totally rock n roll, we don't take no shit. when we move onto a new job we only give short notice before leaving our current position. yea that's right, you heard good, short notice."

quality of band name is totally subjective anyway.

one man's anal cunt is another man's sigue sigue sputnik i guess.

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Fair doo's.

Regardless I am looking forward to the night. From faithfull renditions to our own brand of electro-cash to Radio Lucifer's (one can only assume) face melting interpretations (which I am looking forward to).

Can't wait

Dave who is Jamie

p.s. Does anyone know why mr Kabuki man hasn't started a thread on this yet????

So unlike him

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Totally agree with scottyleecob' date=' Short Notice do rock!!!!! And the name has obviously had some sort of impact if it has you guys whinging about it!!

I'll be at the Lemon Tree on Thursday to see them support Nazareth, You guys (Short Notice) rocked last night at the Johnny Cash night. Awesome.


Totally a member of the band^^^^^^^^^

good band though:gringo:

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