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out of step collective

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thats right folks another collective has formed to put on some classy gigs to tease your hard earned pennies right out of your pockets.

first gig will be in somewhere in elgin, sometime in june. oh yes. once we get our shizzle together we'll tell you more.

check it out.


add us, we're special.

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first gig will be a mixed line up of rock/punk/hardore/shouty stuff

all day gig in elgin i n june time, it will be a weekend.

the unconfirmed line up is:

today we fight - hardcore from edinburgh.

we shall be blessed - experimentel hard/spazz/math/meaty core from aberdeen

radio lucifer - killer rock n core from t'granite city

the planeteers - eco warriors from the forrest.

the try hards - good time, fast action, old school punk rock from dundee

aveda - smooth rock tunes from some smooth lads

48k - who knows???

more to be confirmed. subject to change depending on what date we decide on.

tickets are gonna be about 5-6 pounds i think. space for kipping will be supplied for out of towners.

feel free to message me with any queries. who do you think should play? are you insanely rich and would like to donate funds?

anyway, putting out some feelers are you guys interested? :popcorn:

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right. go on then. filthpact added. we'll slot you on somewhere. :up:

hella lot of bands right now. its getting ridiculous! about 10 bands at least!!

hopefully everybody will be able to make the gig when we get the venue and date sorted.

hoping to have it sorted when i get back to work and speak to morgan.

cheers.:love: :love:

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once upon a time...

outofstep "hello good sirs, may we rent your fine town hall?"

bad man "why yes. at only 500 pounds a night. a bargain and no mistake!!!"

outofstep ".......fuck right off!!!"

still looking for a venue. :love:

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objective is this is to beat the pyramid at day 2 of dead fest.

seriously maxi, that was FUCKING amazing. 7 man base and god knows how many tiers.

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aye i ken' date=' it hurt me and toms back like a bitch

deadfest was the way forward. cold dead hands proved how it should be done

they brought the tunes, we brought the madness[/quote']

Mine is still sore.

But the weekend was ace.

And this gig sounds like an expanded version of what we were discussing at the weekend

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