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beast looks ace! Is Kelsey grammer actually playing the character or just doing the voice?

Uh, yeah he's actually playing the part! He's not CG or anything (well, no doubt they'll use CG BEAST in the movie (not to be mistaken for Batman Villain KGBeast!))

It's just Kelsey Grammar in some pretty awesome makeup! Storm also has some pretty sexy hair in this film too!!

*this is the point where i'm supposed to post the picture but I cannae be bothered like!*

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Kelsey Grammer .... Hank McCoy/Beast

Vinnie Jones .... Cain Marko/Juggernaut

Aaron Stanford .... John Allerdyce/Pyro

Daniel Cudmore .... Peter Rasputin/Colossus

Shawn Ashmore .... Bobby Drake/Iceman

Olivia Williams .... Dr. Moira MacTaggart

Ellen Page .... Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat


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Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut is possibly the worst casting ever!!

Although there's not much people in the world the size of Juggernaut (why not try Big Show?)

He doesn't look too bad in the movie, and his helmet doesn't look so silly either!!

as for the trailer, WOW!!!!!

That was fucking amazing!! This is definitely going to be the best X-Men yet! Trailer seemed to give away a bit of a spoiler showing Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix with the Brotherhood.

Oh, and was it just me, or did I see the Fastball Special? ^_^

I had to go through the trailer frame by frame just to take it all in!

Roll on Summer 2006! :D

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Get yourselves over to www.x3movie.com

There's pictures of the main cast up there!

and there's no Colossus or Mystique on the site, but I've tracked them down to show you (don't say I'm not good to ya!!)



lot of complaints about Colossus' lack of White eyes! Although they can probably be CG'd later (see Pyro's pic and lack of flame in his hand (well I think that anyways))

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