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The Ghost Of Fudge

The Best Of The Rest - Fma'06

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you have one vote. use it wsely to reward the best band of these five, none of whom slip particuarly easily into our genre awards...

plus, here's a little reminder about the voting...

Every year we nominate loads of bands and stuff for loads of categories, and let them all scrap it out in a big heap on the floor for your votes. The winners will get their moment of glory at an as-yet-unbooked undisclosed venue sometime in late February.

And here's how to vote:

1. You can vote online on this forum by taking part in one of the (soon to be) many polls which will litter this site for months to come.

2. You can come to a Fudge gig, where you will receive a voting slip to fill in at your lesuire on the night.

Simple. So please try to remember: tradition suggests there will be far more votes handed in at our gigs than polled on this forum. In otherwords, if your band are in the lead by thirty votes in the 'Best Post-Ironic Garage' category online, it dosn't mean you're gonna win. You were all getting confused last year.

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sooner, rather than later, these polls will be closed and the forum votes added to the gig votes to arrive at a winner.

just thought i'd mention it... so if there's any categories you haven't voted in, now would be the time to do so... :gringo:

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