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The Ghost Of Fudge

the tunnels, fudgenight66 - ERIC EUAN + THE WELLES + FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT

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the tunnels

friday 25th november, 8-12, 4



eric euan are a five piece alternative rock band

based in Scotland, who have been performing

their honest and powerful music to an eager

local public, for over two years.

Infusing their five individual sounds eric euan

produce unique orchestrated guitar melodies

creating their intense melodic style.

The three guitar dynamic combined with

a solid, highly skilled rhythm section,

brings a delicate yet epic sonic presence.

An established live act, deriving from the

extensive experience the members share,

eric euan have had the privilege of playing

alongside established acts such as Wilt,

The Delgados, Malibu Stacy, Cayto,

Mountain Men Anonymous, Deckard

and the Madisuns to name only a few.

Influences come from bands and musicians

such as Fugazi, Motorpsycho, Frank Black,

The Dirty Three, Talking Heads, Cable,

Alice in Chains, The Wedding Present,

Trans-Am and Billy Cobham.

Always improving, forever pushing the

envelope and gaining popularity with

increasing momentum eric euan are

never a band to disappoint.

eric euan also have a track on the new FUDGE FANZINE (number 10), available in One-Up Records NOW!



Influences: The Who, Fickle Public, Jimmy Eat World, Biffy Clyro, Radiohead, Tellison.



fivefingerdiscount are a 4 piece pop-punk band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Having just recorded their first demo and with some out of town gigging experience already under their belt, the band plan to work upon getting their name out there. The band have played with the likes of Howards Alias, Captain Everything!, 4ft Fingers and XisLoaded, recieving kind words and support along the way.

five finger discount also have a track on the new FUDGE FANZINE (number 10), available in One-Up Records NOW!

plus DJ MAXI as i recall? and the kraken DJs of course.

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Guest scott cs.

no it's not :)

we have two new songs to play i think. there's one thats brand spanking new and another that i don't think we've played in Aberdeen before. maybe we have, who knows? come on down to find out. yay!

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I'm well confuzzled' date=' didn't 5FD transform into MRHC? I wouldn't mind going tonight but if this shite weather keeps up i'll be going nowhere.[/quote']

It's all getting washed away.

FFD changed to MRHC but quickly changed back.

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thnaks to all who came down. nice atmosphere and great bands. sorted!

i think the tunnels is too small for the fudge awards though. it'd be a squash (with any luck, y'know, if a few people turned up) i suspect.

anyway, cheers the hen and all at the tunnels. next fudge gig: dec 10th at the moorings - toxik ephex, red man walking, obsessive compulsive and radio lucifer! 8pm. :D

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