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Dream Theater!


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Um.....well, I did consider being diligent for a good 8 minutes after that post....

And what's worse, I've not only rope fellow music teaching diploma student Mac into the carnage, but Dan from Loaded is going to be joining the mayhem!

Oh well, there goes my future....


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Originally posted by Mac Atom

Hooray !!!

Bring the Prog my caped brethren, we know our quest... let us be bold and siege the theater... :headbang:


erm... I mean sit in the stalls and clap politely

You seem to have spelled 'wank vigorously' slightly incorrectly, fellow warrior....

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Guest Scorge Spike

Hrmmm. Might go to this. Though if Stratovarius and Symphony X come back, or Rhapsody, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian or The Gathering should drop by, then it might have to be a sacrificial lamb. So much power, so little finance.

No worries though, Bloodstock is painfully close and a fix of Nightwish, Dragonforce, Ed Guy, Paradise Lost, Masterplan and Saracen should be enough to satisfy the cravings. :guns:

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