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Lost - (mod edit: possible spoilers contained within!)

Any u peeps into this new ABC show 'LOST' i downloaded it ages ago and tbh im not really into 25 episodes of character building and still no clue to whats going on but i have to say im bloody gripped....

My theory is there was no crash and there was no survivors (obviously) i reckon its all to do with jon locke and his kidney op........ maybe he never regained conciucness( dinnae make me spell that again plz) ( and also dont pick up on it and turn this into a slagging thread :D ) hes having an outer body experience and every character is what he has fantasised about being


Famous - charlie

Badboi - sawyer

Children - claire

Doctor - jack

etc etc

altho my theorys change daily lol and wouldnt mind reading others.....

did anyone else happen to notice that when michael threw the comic on the fore as it burnt a page at a time u see the polar bear and other such events that have happened and yet to happen ...........................

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If there are spoilers in your intial post can you please remove them (I put my hand over the screen and scrolled down after reading "I downloaded all the episodes" or words to that effect)?

It's bad enough the newspapers are determined to spoil people's enjoyment of this show. Half the fun of watching Lost is to guess what's on the Island and what the hell is going on.

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Theres no spoilers on above posts guys im nae wanting to ruin it for everyone whos watching it on terrestrial tv i appreciate not everyone has downloaded them to watch.......

Im also not wanting to annoy people im just well interested to c if any other 'lost' fans have theorys on wtf is going on.................

Ive watched all 25 episodes more than once and am now watching em as there on tv......

roll on sept so we can c season2..............................

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It has that effect like, Quality programming at it's finest....

Yes there is already a thread about this..and about another 5....whats yer point?

I wouldn't say I agree with your so-called theories Jaseyboi, besides even the actors who play the roles dont know what the crack is yet, because they have'nt finished filming it I hear....

But always good to put the boat out there.....way out IMO :rockon:

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