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Give who a break? People who write about their "secrets" (i bet at least one person in the real world knows the "secret" too) or people who read other peoples "secrets" online and feel sorry for them.

I say "secrets" because I bet most of them are fictional.

ok, I see what you mean. last time I was on it was in a not-so-good mood so naturally sympathsize with them. but re-readin it now feelin great, its kinda funny/weird

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It's the sort of nonsense people steal and use for avatars so they can look "cool"' date=' "mysterious" and "interesting" but they actually come off looking "useless", "boring" and "theiving wee internet gobshites".[/quote']

heh heh, "it's funny 'cos it's true" thank you homer simpson for that great quote :D

(for the guys/gals that do post on it, do yourself a favor and get councilling, it may not be free i dunno, but it helps a lot more than postin on an "anyonymous website"

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