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Rather than post a mountain of thread bumping and the likes...

Nine Black Alps

The band have 5 days off between now and Christmas. Having spoken to their agent and the likes they are very very keen te re-schedule but it will not be until next year. Seen as NOBODY tours in January then i`m certain that it will be February and most likely between the 8th and the 15th.


This is also delayed... ho ho ho......... The album / single / tour has ALL been put back until next year. Thus the tour is going to happen in ..... wait for it.... February.

Hard Fi

www.aloud.com are SOLD OUT

www.seetickets.com are SOLD OUT

One Up have 2 tickets left

Bassment has 1 ticket left.

Fopp have 30 tickets left at most.

Sound n Vision have at most 50 tickets left.

Selling about 10 a day so i guess it`ll be sold out by Monday.

I`ll try and get the Elgin tickets back and put them into One Up. If you know someone in Elgin who wants to go then they should buy one pronto. I`ll be recalling them on Thursday / Friday.

Dresden Dolls

This is on MONDAY 22nd AUGUST. the date was changed at the request of the band just after the tickets went on sale.


Just announced and will be onsale soon as the tickets arrive. Online they are through www.ticketmaster.co.uk as we are doing the show with DF Concerts....Them what books T in The Park.....innit. DF pretty much only use Ticketmaster as TM have an exclusivity deal.


Confirmed as of about 20 minutes ago. Tickets have JUST gone to print and will be back on Monday i suspect. Online they will be onsale tommorow.

Wedding Present

THis show is at MOSHULU and not The Music Hall as published in today's NME. This takes place on 14th November and is the only Scottish date on the tour.

Alec Empire

Tickets are now on sale from the Usual Outlets

Ticket Outlets

To clarify LOADS of emails. Tickets for Moshulu gigs can be purchased from:

www.aloud.com - 0870 998 8888

www.seetickets.com - 0871 220 0260

One Up Records

17 Belmont Stret

01224 642 662

Collection from Record Shop or they can mail them out.

Tickets Subject to booking fee.

FOPP Records

Union Street

01224 636 777

Collection from Record Shop ONLY

Tickets Subject to booking fee.

The Bassment

Windmill Brae



No Booking Fee

My Mind's Weapon

Finally congrats to MMW for their tour support with Aconite thrill. Incase you haven't seen there is a 1/8th page ad between The Offspring Tour and Weezer Tour in Today's KERRANG Magazine.



For critisism and negative comments click here

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To save you a journey...... ( and no doubt more parking fines!! :D )

I might be able to get the tickets from sound and vision to you on friday, as we're playing the Isle of Lewis on Thurs nite, and hence will be coming through elgin the day after, before going to Aberdeen

Or i can get one of the SEA guys to pick them up on sat before they come through for our show with Macrocosmica at drummonds

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I'm 99% sure we're getting the 6.15am ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool on friday, so we'll be able to pick up the remaining tickets from Sound and Vision before it closes.

If you give them a ring to let them know we'll pick them up, and i'll drop them round at the Bassment on the friday night once i get back.

Aye, Blair just managed to get on the train in time. I did tell him that he should leave in plenty of time, but does he ever listen :nono:

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a big part of me is telling me that the dragonforce aberdeen date will be cancelled "due to unforseen circumstances" but the rest of the dates will remain fine

I am Mr Cynic

Gorgoroth seems a no go now, but Opeth are playing the day before Gorgoroth were meant to be playing so :rockon:

I've updated the gigs on the websiteby the way, there's a few there you might be intrested in :D

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