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EVE Online


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Just got into it again this weekend.

Stunning game, i like the community compared to other mmorpg's, much more mature and helpful.

Also, the player run economy are unlike anything in any other game ive come across, just the depth and scope of it all is amazing.

So yeah, roll on the decent ship and the bounty hunting...

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ahhh - talk moves to WoW - a new hobby of mine!

Azjol Nerub - Dionysis [lvl25 NE Rogue] and Banaiel [lvl 10 NE Druid]

Azsune (Aszune?) - Banaiel (again - I'm lazy) [lvl10 Undead Warlock]

Hellscream - Fallengrace [lvl8 Human Priest] - was only created so that I could help the girlfriend when she first started playing.

only been playing for just over a month in between studying.

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how you doing with it?

I'm cancelling my account very shortly. Can't be arsed with it anymore. I'm on my second hiatus from the game and if I go back again I know I'll just stop having a life and stop playing anything else again. And frankly I love battlefield 2 too much to let that happen.

Started playing Eve last night thouhg and it seems good. I like the fact that's it's a different twist to all the other MMORPGs

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yea i stopped playing wow when my laptop stopped working and haven't got back into since. everyone on my server is level 60 now and i just can't be arsed with it. i like eve cause there's less pressure to pvp and to group etc plus it's at a slower pace which suits me. i thought warcraft was a bit full of people too keen to laugh at folk and pick on them as well, eve seems a bit more mature. don't get me wrong, wow is amazing but just not for me anymore.

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i used to play ultima online thats the only online rpg thing i've ever played. All I did was buy and sell houses though, I was so feeble but I was rich as hell. I used to pay people to off folk for me, it was great.

I don't really have the budget or the time to play anymore, I don't really play anything other than Rome total war and pirates.

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I bought it when it came out a few years ago' date=' got pretty hooked. In the end I got bored of it though, back then all that you could really do was mine, it got tiring really quickly.

These days I still spend my every waking minute playing World of Warcraft. I know you both have(had?) that too, how you doing with it?[/quote']

I still play now and again, not as obsessively as i did for the first few months...

Im really enjoying the pace of eve, just learning up some nice skills to get some heavy duty pirate slaying on the go...

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Been playing it for about 2 years now. I know quite alot of guys in Aberdeen/Scotland that play it (like one of your fellow Game employees Dave!)

As far as a game community goes, I've yet to see anything else come close to what Eve has acommplished. I'm in a mainly British/Icelandic corp and us British guys normaly meet up a few times a year for the obligatory Karting or Paintball session. Last summer a bunch of us even got invited over to Iceland, and managed to get a tour of CCP's (Eve's Developers) headquarters, cant imagine any other game developers doing the same. This summer a few of the Icelandic corp members came over here to visit and spent a few weeks touring round the UK meeting up with as many people as they could.

Play Eve. Promote international relations.

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