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Relationships Pt.2


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Guest ()Papaspyrou()

I had that recently and instead of dry humping her like you all think would be the best option, I just took her home and left her outside

Man I'm a real man

Oh yeah and she vomited too so I made her drink some water before tucking her in

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
Girl with hand on the inside of another guys leg. Girl has boyfriend. Guy likes her.

A little too close for comfort or no big deal?

Far, FAR too close for comfort. Why would she feel the need to do that?

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Guest Zeenat Aman
Nail her hand to the inside of his leg and say "if you like having your hand there so much' date=' you can keep it there". Don't speak to her for 6 months, call her back, both apoligise, relationship sorted.

I should do a chat show.[/quote']

But, during that 6 months, she's probably been nailed by the guy whose leg she was touching.


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