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thank you for coming to fudge's birthday party

The Ghost Of Fudge

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if you did :)

i had fun. the wheelbarrow race was probably my favourite event of the night, but onion terror were also hugely entertaining. a perfect ending.

also thanks to noisenik riots, recently moved to the city, and possibly wondering at this point if they should get the fuck out of the city before they turn into party-game crazed madmen or something.

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Deadloss were indeed superb. Just a shame I missed the start of the set. Was good that you could hear the cello properly (last time I saw DLMFS at drakes the cello was a little quiet).

The wheelbarrow race was fun to watch, I think most of the broken pints where kicked out of people's hands. I was standing on the turn and a flying foot caught mine, but it couldn't escape my iron grip. Pity the lovely beer inside couldn't hold on and much of it escaped onto my t-shirt.

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