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Crazy Frog - just for you haters :-)


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AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Those fucking adverts may have ruined television (not necessarily a bad thing I guess), but, oh god, this makes up for it!

I particularly love the fact you can behead that piece of turd with one swing. Right to left is by far the best way, with an added, satisfying squelch and flying eye ball. Oh yeah, gonna be at this for a while.

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no matter how many times you hit his blurred patch he doesnt die.

I got his brain to splurt out and then i got his head whacked off.

any other deaths?

4 deaths I ca see..

hit from left, hit from right, hit from bottom, hit from top.

heed aff

heed aff + splat

splat to roof

helmet off, brain open

(sad, eh)

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