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Since were talking hair....


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Guest Jake Wifebeater
Now now Hog' date=' did you really need a whole new thread just to ask that question?[/quote']

Think yourself lucky. He bores the shit out of me on a daily basis. He says it doesn't really bother him, yet constantly feels the need to joke about it. Methinks the baldy bastard doth protest too much.

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Guest DustyDeviada

Hog, according to the wonderful www.mulletjunky.com, a skullet is when you deliberately shave your hair. What you would have is a bullet or forceskullet, like this one.


For ease of reference, here's mulletjunky.com's handy definition:

SKULLET- (skl-t) n. Someone that shaves their head (to expose the skull) but leaves the mullet. (Uncommon)

BULLET or FORCEKULLET-(bl-t), (frs-ky-lt) n. Someone with a mullet who is balding. The outcome is a forced skullet. (Common)

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