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Guest treader.

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Guest treader.

So, you like music right? And you OBVIOUSLY only want to listen to the best bands in the country, right? Well, imagine this:

Halifax quintet the Lucida Console are homely spectres, gentle and touching and wild and ferocious. They caress the ears for a second, warm and serene with smoothly layered waves of melody, so so soft on the guitars and keys. The band detonate with frantic riffs and careening vocal wails, girlish and hypnotic and irresistible. The chords are giant, the drums are a dervish. Theyre somewhere else, and so are you. You cant comprehend the change, cant comprehend the groove man, my maths isnt what it was, is this prog? It cant be, Im enjoying it too much.

Sounds good, don't it? Well, as of June the 2nd, Halifax's the Lucida Console are touring the UK with none other than Aberdeen's own THE X-CERTS.

Jun 2 2005 - Cafe Nirvana - Wigan,

Jun 9 2005 - The Arena - Middlesborough

Jun 10 2005 - The Vine, Leeds,

Jun 11 2005 - Rock City - Nottingham

Jun 13 2005 - 93 Feet East - London

Jun 14 2005 - Vision - Sunderland

Jun 15 2005 - Academy 3 - Manchester

Jun 16 2005 - The Barfly - Glasgow

Jun 17 2005 - Market Bar - Inverness

Jun 18 2005 - The Vic Hotel - Forres

Jun 19 2005 - The Tunnels - Aberdeen

Jun 21 2005 - The Barfly - Liverpool

Jun 23 2005 - Adelphi - Hull

check them out at:



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