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Reting/Borrowing Equipment for live performance

Sam 45

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My friend is having her 18th in summer and shes rented this big hall and is basically filling it with people and beer. She has asked my band to play and i was wondering where i could rent or borrow some equipment to enhance the sound. I guess we are looking at a PA and a couple of monitors as we have a mixer.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Guest stuartmaxwell

do a "FLASH@TMP" and buy the most expensive and over powering pa system you can possibly find

then spend weeks trying to use the damn thing


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Capt. Toms do hiring off smaller PAs...500watt and 2 speaker affairs. As well as bass and guitar amps. Laney 120watt with 4x12" cabs for guitars and for bass the have 300watt+ Trace Elliot and such like.

We played in a hall for someones birthday once and used a Peavy PA for the vocals. Then a Laney TF700 + 4x12" guitar amp and a Trace Elliot bass amp. It was loud enough for the hall which was sort of basketball court sized...I mean you won't be out to cause hearing loss so a set up like that should be more than enough.


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The sound in a hall is gonna be so bad anyway you are not gonna need to hire a PA company in to make things worse!!

The PA deal at toms suggested by tav above would prob be ideal' date=' I wouldn't even waste time with monitors to be honest...[/quote']

We didn't need monitors...it was as boomy the sound probably came all the way back round and hit you in the face.

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I'll second the suggestion for Atmosphere. Have hired a lot of kit from them in the last few years and they are reasonably priced.

Not sure how your singer will manage without a monitor' date=' I'd say one would be essential ?[/quote']

Yeh think we'll get one monitor, possible 2 cos we have 2 singers, we might just put 2 singers through one monitor. It is all gonna depend on the cost.

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