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Bikini Atol + Picastro + Copy Haho - Sat 14th May 05


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interesting music in conjuncion with knom music are truly delighted to announce a wonderful night of entertainment, featuring a tour double & ONLY SCOTTISH date, featuring two bands that will excite & tantalise the jaded palette of ordinary, ably supported by a local band who we feel will complement the night.

Bikini Atol (Bella Union)

Picastro (Pehr & Monotreme)

Copy Haho

Sat 14th May 05

The Tunnels

Carnegie's Brae


Doors 8pm

Entrance 5

Bikini Atoll (Bella Union)

Named after the island in the north Pacific that was bombed to hell by the USA as part of a series of atom and hydrogen bomb tests between 1945 and 1962 'for the good of Mankind'. On seeing photographs of these exploding bombs the band were struck by how something so beautiful could be so deadly. Indeed beautiful and deadly is a apt way of summing up the music on their debut album 'Moratoria', an amalgam of ominous electronica, driving bass and some truly distinctive guitar. New single 'Cheap Trick' is out now on the Bella Union label and churns out addictive riffs with throbbing bass and a killer melody. BA is the brainchild of vocalist / guitarist / songwriter Joe Gideon, a man possessed by some dark but beautiful demons. When asked about his influences, Gideon will cite a number of seminal artists and bands: Smog, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth, Tom Waits, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Slint, Dirty Three - all the right reference points. Their cew CD Last Exit, is due for release in early June was recorded with Steve Albini's at his famous Electrical Audio Studios. It builds on their fine debut & those lucky enough to catch their short set on the opening night of Triptych will testify this is a band on an upward spiral "a couple of numbers almost had me crying" Countess Shazzula, We look forward to the full set with earger anticipation.

Picastro (Pehr & Monotreme)

Picastro (from Toronto, Canada) have received much praise for their broodingly beautiful, melancholic soundscapes, in which cello alternates in the lead with frontwoman Liz Hysen's submerged, murmured vocals & stark electric guitar hooks. Picastro's string-laden dynamics share a kinship with the music of fellow Canadians Godspeed You! Black Emperor, as well as The Dirty Three and Rachels. The band has played shows with Godspeed, Mick Turner (of The Dirty Three), Smog, Elliot Smith, Cat Power, Herman Dne, Cerberus Shoal and Thee More Shallows. You may already be familiar with their music from the use of a track from the album in the hit Kiefer Sutherland TV drama 24. Liz Hysen also appears on Cerberus Shoal's new album Bastion of Itchy Preeves and Dwayne Sodahberk's new album Unfortunately (tigerbeat6). Other band members include Owen Pallett (The Hidden Cameras), Evan Clarke (Burn Rome In A Dream), Zak Hanna (Bush League, ex-Pecola) and Rachel McBride. Picastro have a sizeable fan base in the USA and they spend as much time as possible touring there, often with their friends Cerberus Shoal and Herman Dne. Those that subscible to The Wire Magazine, will be delighted to know that the June issue free CD will feature a track by this great band. In our house, a SPECIAL band.

Copy HaHo

Copy Haho are a guitar band from the Aberdeen area. They play what you might call post rock/punk, though their interests also lie in other relatively unrelated areas. With the desire to experiment live and in the studio - making an effort not limit themselves to any particular genre, copy haho look forward to making more music, playing more shows, and meeting new people. They were most impressive recently when they open for energy kids 65daysofstatic.

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It was Owen Pallett, or Final Fantasy - Supported Arcade Fire in Glasgow and was superb, but also played violin live for them too. Not sure if he's an actual proper member of the Arcade Fire or if he was just drafted in for the live show. I don't think he's actually still in Picastro now though, going by their website...

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Guest neil ex
Yes it does. I don't want to be a pirate and get it from Neil Ex's computer. So that would be good.

I sent Big Malc an mp3 under the condition that he PROMISED to buy it.

Hope you don't mind!

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copied from a message board, can't find any reivews so far of the tour

Bikini Atoll tonight! In London! Cor!

Posted by bnk_ on 8th May, 22:16 | Reply to this post

I saw this band yesterday togheter with Picastro, and it was realy good. This is the second time I've seen them, the first time was when they supported Explosions and I wasn't to impressed. But playing togheter with Picastro they made so much more sense.

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