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remixing tournamant? who'd be on for it?

steve corps

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maybe everyone who wants to be involved could submit a few pieces of music each, and the deal is everyone has to use these as the only source to produce a track, incorporating everyones submited sounds in one way or another.

hows that sound?

maybe spend a week collecting entrants and source files then another week to put our respective beasts together?

if we go for it, could ask nicely for a top of the page sticky.

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id kinda be up for it

for fun only tho, with no deadlines cos im always pushed for time and am away from me PC for huge random chunks of time (saying can you finish it for wednesday or summat is impossible with me)

but what ever shape the project democratically takes is fine by me if i can fit in

10 or more wav files to work with sounds feasible

i could contribute a few live (original) drum loops and some (original) bass loops (can everyone timestretch?)

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i'd say single sound source samples from everyone would be fine, be it beats, riffs or whatever then how about we agree to use at least one sound source from each person to make a track, choice up to the individual as to what they use.that way it wont get cluttered with the same sounds and would give everyone a fair bit of scope to their track?

five or so more people on for this before we get going/finalise the plan of action?

tom easy wishes, neubeatz, stripey, kielan etc?

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