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  1. War is profit, fear is control, the media perpetuates lies to control public opinion. Welcome to the modern day world. George Orwell's '1984' was not meant to be an instruction manual...
  2. Why do you keep buying all this gear only to sell it a short time later? You need to start researching things properly instead of blindly buying them, only to discover that you don't like it/need the money back because you've overspent. I try and advise you all the time and help you out but it seems to fall on deaf ears with the amount of gear you are buying at such a fast rate. If you can't wire up a pair of Studiospares SN10 passive speakers to an amp then you are not ready! As you are seemingly ignoring my texts regarding the matter, when are you going to retrieve the missing ear pad from whoever it is car you left it in for the HD25-II headphones? I know you replaced the cup which is appreciated (although you supplied the wrong one that doesn't have the cable securing mount on it). These headphones will never be the same as when you borrowed them from me (you only had them for a month and they were practically brand new) so you could at least sort out the missing ear pad instead of spunking your money up the wall every week. Also, you need to stop asking me to sell you everything you see in my studio when you come round.
  3. London is my hometown... I'll happily go if you don't want to, ha ha ha
  4. Cafe Drummonds (Belmont Street, Aberdeen) do an Open mic night every tuesday 8pm - midnight.
  5. I know predominantly this is a music based forum/site (I too own a studio, work as a live sound/mastering engineer etc etc) but was wondering whether there are and R/C pilots out there of fixed wing (planes) and rotary wing (helicopters). Feel free to reply if so as I would love to meet like minded individuals. I know there is a flying site at Banchory Devenick, Aberdeen as I went to the Scottish R/C Heli Nats there last year, as I don't drive it's a bit of a pain for me to get to via public transport.
  6. I will probably get a Bass, been advised it would probably suit what I do with electronic music more than a guitar
  7. DistortedScience


    A couple of artists use them at Drummonds... If used correctly (and competently) are a great addition to a live performance (eg: acoustic based).
  8. Hi everyone At the age of 32 I'm finally having a bash at learning to play a real instrument after decades spent focusing on recording/engineering/mastering etc. I've been lent a Fender Squier Strat to get to grips with which I'm just running through a V-Amp pro at the moment for convenience. If anyone out there would be willing to help a guitar newbie get to grips with his axe I can supply all the tea, coffee, choccy biscuits one can eat (or financial rewards if preferred). I'll obviously be doing the youtube video thing but nothing quite compares to real two way human interaction. Hopefully this post is in the right forum (apologies if it's not, let me know and I'll try and move it). Many thanks to anyone who has read this and can help out in any way at all. John S.
  9. A one bedroomed flat in the city centre, ha ha ha. Wish it were bigger...
  10. New content added from the mastering side of my musical antics: https://soundcloud.com/distortedscience

  11. Hi Here is a link to my own artist website, there should be a clip of me scratching in the video section (top video, which may take a second or two longer to appear as it's linked from my Facebook). http://www.distortedscience.com/ Let me know if you're interested. John S.
  12. In that case, I do apologise and retract my last post.
  13. I'm interested in the 3x Behringer mics in the hard case if still available? Would come in handy for what I have in mind (for use with MC's) and saves my main vocal mic getting abused/damaged.
  14. I hope this is the right section to put something like this in, apologies in advance if I got it wrong. Was just sharing something I started creating yesterday. At this stage it's merely a plaything but I will keep developing it and see where is leads. http://soundcloud.com/distortedscience/wip_amen There is a screenshot of the Cubase project arrange window for those who are interested, I'll have a bash at uploading it/linking it to this post later on. John S.
  15. Something I started yesterday. At this stage it's merely a plaything but I will keep developing it. http://soundcloud.com/distortedscience/wip_amen

  16. I have a JV1080 too, picked it up the other week and now resides in my rack, great piece of kit. I could bring my Creamware Minimax ASB to the audio melting pot if anyone is keen? Cost me a fortune, bought it new from R&B a few years ago, lots of knobs to twiddle with Also, as I noticed smeone had posted their soundcloud link earlier on, I thought I would be as bold as to add mine. Not sure this will be everyones cup of tea musically, there is alot of different stuff here though so you never know. http://soundcloud.com/distortedscience
  17. I'd be interested in coming round for a play with some juicy hardware synths if the offer is still open.
  18. Awesome, I will be checking out some of those links and having a proper listen/look after work.
  19. That JP is awesome, love it to pieces. Admittedly it's a little thin sounding on it's own, but pair it up with a VSTi (I use Superwaves' 'Ultimate' with it - basically a JP8080) and it sounds awesome. The best thing is how it integrates with my DAW and other VSTi's, most controls operate the same functions on the virtual instruments. I'm planning on helping out a developer beta test software (windows version) for controlling the JP as a VSTi (think along the idea of the Access Virus TI). Can't wait for that, will save having to mess around with sysex etc, making life far easier all round. Shame about the Spirit, but I do understand though, just glad it's ultimately gone to a better home where it'll actually get used instead of wasting away in my bedroom after the 'Ghost' replaced it. We'll have to have a creative session one weekend if you're keen (and free)
  20. I do apologise. I think I've accidentally posted this in the wrong area. Is there a way it can be moved, or will I just have to delete and start over?
  21. I was just wondering whether anyone on here is into electronic based music (genres such as: European Hardcore, Gabber, Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, Old Skool, Hardstyle etc), or even people who are into the more technical side of music production (Audio Engineering, Mastering, etc). Just curiosity really as it is predominantly live based musicians I see. Throwing it out there to see the response.
  22. Wish I recorded my set at the outdoor forest event. Vinyl only, Drum & Bass 1999 - 2003 era featuring lots of heavy insane amen breaks, dirty bass lines and one or two forgotten anthems for good measure, all topped of with a sprinkling of scratching.

  23. Looking to build up a network of like minded individuals to hang out with and get things recorded.

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