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  1. Looking for film makers

    We are looking for film makers or any one who has a passion for shooting films. We are looking for someone to shoot a short film and to keep everything below a certain budget. Own equipment or ability to source equipment required for shooting is a must. Experience is not a must have; however, some to significant amount of experience is preferable. For more information please contact me on here.
  2. Guitarist needed for Extreme metal band

    Still looking.
  3. Guitarist needed for Extreme metal band

    Guitarist needed for extreme metal band. Commitment is a must, own equipment, willingness to tour around and outside of Scotland a must. For further details contact me through private message.
  4. Drummer needed for Extreme Metal band

    Looking for drummer for Extreme metal band, must be committed and have good drumming ability; able to maintain blast beats. Must be willing to gig in Aberdeen and around Scotland. Must be able to attend once a week practices. Age and Gender unimportant. We have a bunch of songs ready to go. Influences are Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Dark funeral, Gorgoroth, Behemoth, Beherit, Horna, Marduk and many more. Give me a message if your interested.
  5. Guitarist required for Extreme Metal band

    Guitarist required for extreme metal band. Must be committed and willing(and able) to gig around the UK.
  6. Drekavac need a bassist

    Aberdonian Black Metal band Drekavac require a new bassist for the new year. We are already booked for shows and festivals across the UK next year. So you must have the time and financial resources to be able to commit to a schedule of gigging. Must have own equipment, must be 100% committed and willing to fit in with the bands image. Any age welcome. Contact Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drekavac/151509488310151?fref=ts alternatively email. Comablack19@yahoo.co.uk
  7. DJ wanted

    Music is Heavy groove metal.
  8. Oriental metal?

    I can play the chop sticks for this.
  9. DJ wanted

    Looking for someone for a studio project to do turn tables, scratching, samples etc on an E.P. Must be competent at scratching to a reasonably level. And must be free to record at weekends.
  10. Drekavac looking for rhythm guitarist

    You know the drill if your interested PM me on here. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drekavac/151509488310151?fref=ts
  11. Black metal band

    Anyone interested in forming a Black Metal band. Influences are Dark throne, Dark Funeral, Nargaroth etc. Already have a drummer. Leave a message.
  12. Guitarist Wanted For Groove Metal Band

    Hey there Im looking for a guitarist to do a groove metal project in the style of Lamb of god. I already have a drummer, bassist and Singer just looking for a guitarist to start jamming regularly. Commitment is a must and ambition to go far. Drop me a line .
  13. Female-fronted gothic metal band looking for bass player and keyboard player

    Bump! Get in this band!
  14. Anyone Keen On Jamming Some Progy/techy Metal Sort Of Stuff

    I'll drum for this
  15. Vocalist Wanted

    I'd be totally game for this, but only if you were doing original material.