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  1. Still searching! If anyone knows someone who may be vaguely interested, please do point them my way, cheers.
  2. Thanks also for that, HateEvent Was gonna nip in with a wee notice to stick up too just in case any customers have any info... Fatboy, not sure what's happening with insurance as yet, but will give you a shout if they can't help. They smashed the rear screen and one of the quarter-light windows as well. Cheers folks!
  3. It wasn't well hidden unfortunately, as it's an estate car. Hadn't been too worried as I didn't think it would even be possible to get it out the rear window! Think we have good insurance on it but will have to check and see, will give you a shout if I need a hand, cheers PilotError! Adam, it was just at the bottom of the Spital/Kings Cres, just up from the Jute St junction...not really a good place to leave it either...the amp was left in it from around 10pm Tues, so it happened sometime between then and 9am today. Cheers all
  4. Was given a number for a guy who stays out by Inverurie, recommended to me by a brass tutor + repairman so should know his stuff, I've yet to give him a call but will stick the number up here as soon as I can! Good luck
  5. Hi all, I have just discovered my bass amp was stolen from my car last night (not smart to leave it in the car, I know...); if anyone sees or hears anything that may help, please let me know! Police already know the car was broken into, so will inform them of the theft, and also get in touch with cash converters. The amp was an Ashdown 'electric blue'...180w, 15" speaker combo, see below; it's the same model as the picture, but with a felt covering. Ashdown Engineering | Bass Amplification Cheers for the help, hard lesson learned
  6. hi, Silver city soul revue are looking for a new keyboard player, as our current one will be leaving aberdeen at the end of this summer. Our setlist is mostly made up of classic 60s/70s tracks, including the obvious stevie wonder, arethra, jackson 5 numbers etc, plus a few lesser-known tunes. The current lineup of 9 members includes 2 vocalists and a 3-piece horn section. We've been playing gigs for the past 2 years, at least once per month, and we are now getting bookings through an agency for dinner dances/weddings etc, so this would be a good time to get involved! Please do drop me a PM or email if you're interested, or give me a call on 07834600234. Cheers, alan - silver city soul
  7. Silver City Soul Revue - Classic soul-funk covers Silver City Soul Revue | Myspace Silver City Soul Revue | Facebook Bookings - alan.anderson.08@aberdeen.ac.uk Sideline Quartet - Instrumental jazz (ideally suited to background music for various events, however we can also play with a guest vocalist) Bookings - alan.anderson.08@aberdeen.ac.uk
  8. MrAnderson

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  9. Sure there are several common-sense reasons for the google-car going out when it's quiet...less traffic for one, and less pedestrians make the images clearer...plus some people would rather not be seen by everyone on street-view. So I don't think your wish is going to be granted, cool1...
  10. I'm an experienced bassist, can you give me some more info on what you're planning? Drop me a PM Cheers, Alan
  11. Cults kids have a great music department and school ensembles to be proud of, and yes it's probably easier for them to get together and speak out; however, they will be paying for lessons already, it's the loss of music centre and decline in quality of service they will face if this goes ahead that has inspired them into acting. Kids in less affluent areas who currently receive lessons for free will probably be less aware of the negative impact until after the event. The supply of instruments currently maintained and loaned by the service is also unlikely to remain, which will add hugely to the cost of taking up any instrument. If people think music is an elitist/luxury subject right now, it certainly will be in the future if they cut the service!
  12. We have half a dozen tunes up from last year : Myspace Also did another few last month but haven't got them online yet. They've started booking the bands into the control room now so that they don't keep losing money from bands cancelling and leaving them with vacant rehearsal rooms! Andy does a good deal for bands which regularly rehearse there, 125 for 8hours recording time, and he'll mix it for you...would cost a little more for bands coming in for the first time I guess.
  13. We got 7 tunes done in that time, laying down tracks for a 9-piece band...do we win a prize or something? Musical Vision does a good deal for the price, 8hrs + mixing included for 125, although I believe that's only for bands who regularly rehearse there, would be a bit more otherwise. We've done it twice in the past couple of years and fairly happy with the results.
  14. Mmm, mcnuggets... I reckon barbecue sauce wins, for me at least
  15. ...except Aberdeen bus services are a joke and still cost a fortune, fuck that. If you want to save money, take a bike and get fit too. Congrats anyway Jordan, good luck
  16. I could be keen for this, will drop you a message sometime soon! Cheers, Alan
  17. Me too man, me too! Also... what the hell?
  18. If by college gym you mean the Uni, there's Aberdeen Sports Village, near Pittodrie, which is open to the public...it opened this year as a replacement to the uni facilities and you only pay for what you use. Haven't used the new facilities myself, but obviously it's very new and I've heard it's pretty decent. I pay 6 per month just for swimming, the pool is the old one at king's and it's not the best but I think they are planning on building one at ASV too sometime. You can't get in there whenever you want unfortunately, they have a fair few classes etc on, but it's very cheap. You'd have to get another bus up king st from the city centre, unfortunately...as for the college, I doubt they have any public stuff, and the centres are generally closed to the public in the evenings too. I was a member of Cannons before it changed a couple of years back, it was very plush but also very busy and very pricy (50ish)...and it's probably gone up since then. Also I spent a lot of time swimming, the pool there is tiny and always full of old people or slow bastards, there were only a couple of lanes where you could actually get a proper swim!
  19. This is something I might be interested in...I play both electric and double bass, just finished studying a BMus so fairly experienced (but not arrogant, usually!). I also know a few people I could ask about playing keys or guitar for ya, give me a PM if you want to talk! Cheers, Alan
  20. Yeah, I remember reading about that a while back, your body drifts in and out of deep sleep...I think there are 3-4 'levels' which you experience following REM. Not sure of all the details though...although I have a feeling it's more like 2hr cycles, which don't properly commence until after around 20-30 mins. Personally, it usually takes me at least 1hr in bed (usually more, and sometimes 2-3) to fall asleep, been that way as long as I can remember, unless I'm drunk...music helps a lot, thoughts go buzzing around in my head if I sit there in silence! I am very active and do exercise, it just takes me ages to switch off, but then I can sleep for far more than 8hrs if I have nothing to get up for! Fairly frustrating really...
  21. Cool, I'll speak to the guys and see if they're up for it, if you'll have us? See you at the Lamp on Sat!
  22. Mmm, maybe we might be up for it, how long a set?
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