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  1. We ran a blues night in Cellar 35 for almost a year and hardly got a soul through the door. It'd be nice to see some interest in blues taking off in the town, I'm too far away from town to get involved in jams but it would be great if this took off. I play bass and harp, btw.
  2. Thanks lads, just remembered about this question today, haven't been around for a while. Mr Anderson, we did 11 songs in seven hours at Captain Tom's, recorded live though. Weren't too impressed with the results this time at all, last two cds were fine. More or less scrapped the whole project for now.
  3. Hey guys, what are the good studios to use in and around town? Any info and prices etc. muchly appresiated. Ta, Dave.
  4. Got a Peavey TNT 130 single 15 bass amp going spare, good amp just too bloody heavy for my old body to hump around these days. It was last used at the Haiti gig in the Lampie just over a week ago. PM me if interested.
  5. I've got a Jazz neck kicking around here somewhere, Graeme. I'll pm you with details.
  6. We used Captain Tom's for both our cds with Paul Emersom on the console along with our own soundman. Never had any probs with them and the price seems ok as well. Some of the amps can be a bit dodgy at times, but we use our own anyhow to get our own sound.
  7. I told Janie when I spoke to her later on in the day. But still pass it on to her again by all means. You guys were brilliant. It makes me feel good to see someone with her talent with a band that she thoroughly deserves, the best, and she has it at last IMO. Yes, it was a brilliant result, everyone that took part can feel proud I reckon. LOL, I'm still hurting after it all, a week later!
  8. Janie is the longtime singer and sax player with Red Dawg. She has fronted various versions of this band over the years with very little result, sadly because she is an immense talent IMHO. This time she has finally got the band she deserves backing her, her voice and stage presence have got even better since I last saw her some years ago and I really hope this one works out for her.
  9. Great day of music and craic, big thanks to all the bands, helpers and anyone else that got this thing going. One of the highlights for me was finally seeing Janie Garvie with a band behind her that befits her talent. They were immense! Great sets from Son Henry's new band too, Son's new sharp drssed man image is WAY cool, good sets from Hollowbody and Chicago Five too. A fabtastic day ending with a fantastic jam.
  10. Looking forward to it all, it will be a loooong day for most of us, but hopefully well worth it.
  11. Thanks Son, don't know what I'd do without you! LOL. BTW, you're gonna be a busy boy on the day, hope you're still on your feet for the jam! Looking forward to hearing the new band as well.
  12. WTF? I've sat here for over an hour trying to enter the running order for the bands and each time I hit 'post quick reply' it feckin tells me I'm not logged in!!!! I give up. Does this feckin forum log you out automatically after a couple of minutes or what? I've just gone through the whole rigmarole again with the same result!! PM me if you want a running order, I can't be bothered with this again.
  13. We used to play Drummonds a lot and never had a gripe with the sound quality, Callum is the biz as far as we were concerned. Our own soundman used to work along with him at our gigs, and sometimes go along at weekends for the craic and a beverage or two. He said that often, with the young bands that were playing, all he could hear was bass and drums, or everything was just one roar. Maybe you make a good point there. As for undesireables being in Drummonds of an evening, they used to let us in no problem! Seriously, we played there regularly for a couple of years and never really had any problem, sure, there were drunks, but it IS a bar after all.
  14. Just a quick update, there are now two venues involved for the benefit. The Blue Lamp hosting the bands and Cellar 35 hosting the solo acts. The same ticket will get you access to both venues (unless you want to pay for two?) I'll post the running order later on. The Blue Lamp is kicking off at 12.30 on the Saturday and going on until well after midnight by the looks of things. The finale of the evening is a huge jam which will probably run for a couple of hours, if past experience is anything to go by! I'm now putting the bite on anyone I can think of for raffle donations, hint hint, and we're hoping hor some brilliant prizes. I happen to know there are a few really good items that are to be auctioned on the day as well.
  15. Yes, it was a great first night indeed. A good crowd and some great music too. Nice to see and hear you again too, Son, been a long time! Let's hope it keeps going and growing, Aberdeen really needs a good blues venue and the support to keep it going.
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