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  1. Anyone going to download or to see STP on one of their few uk dates? Cant find anyone to go coz I am lame and gay
  2. you cant get a wristy spunky from weekend junky for fifty quid fer gawd sake
  3. Cort C5H, black, pretty new, one nick Peavey Bandit 112 Google em and make an offer cheers
  4. from now on im gonna be 'Belinda' I think
  5. 89, well im guessin 21, i play bass, but im not 21, is this skinny boy metal or proper dick washed in a rusty sink once a month metal?
  6. Can anyone give an opinion on the local recording facilities? Location, rates, smells etc
  7. I just skimmed it, so its 8.49 a lesson.
  8. Ok, the other post was closed for going off topic, let us tune in to our inner effortless master and try again
  9. "I was a bit gutted when it turned out to be just another shitty Shutterspeed rip-off for oldies" wha?
  10. "Open to musicians/singers of any ability" even effortless masters?
  11. Please check out my thread..all a you. 25/3/10
  12. Ah, I see. I thought I deleted that bit, it comes across wrong. But thanks for picking up on that and hijacking an-oth-er post a-a-gain
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