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  1. i have 2 stainless steel dog bowls,one for food and one for water:up:
  2. boo!! and just for the record A+A blow balls +44 are pretty damn cool and blink182 are fookin mint,i like to see bands having fun and dicking about whilst also managing to be quite good and damn entertaining,i myself am very imature and enjoyed the whole "crappy punk" era,and i like to think i am keeping it going in my own "crappy" way:up:
  3. oh ye,i was strolling round asda with the missus and picked up a pearl jam best of type album called "rear view mirror" it is absoloute class:up:
  4. i dont want to upset anyone here,but it does seem a bit like that around here sometimes and its usually bands watching bands as some promoters dont...............well.........promote! but on the other hand as someone said earlier in the thread,ppl do have lives and things to do that are more of a priority,which is fair enough,i find its more fun to play outwith your foundations,i dont know why,it just is:up:
  5. yes but 4 of them are in newcastle8-)
  6. nice touch man,funny tho,as i was singing the same song when i entered the title8-)
  7. ye this may be true but then i have to get all the instruments i dont have and i dont think neighbours would be happy with me hitting some drums
  8. can those ppl in this position please pm me so we can start a band:up:
  9. does anyone here want to form/join a band or is it just the thought of being in a band that is enough for some..... the reason for my rant is that,many ppl have pm'd me saying things like "ye dude i totally want to start a band,i am well up for it,when do we start?" etc etc so i organise jam/practice/meets etc and no one ever shows or gets back in toucho_O am i missing something?is this a new practical joke?or is there really that many lazy ppl that just have a spare of the moment thought to do it then realise it is actually hard work and that time/dedication toward a band is more effort than they can be bothered to be involved in? dont get me wrong we can all change our minds but when certain ppl arrange certain things,then certain ppl can at least have the decency to let thus parties know! anyways thats my rant over,feel free to criticise/speculate:popcorn:
  10. what are your influences/styles?
  11. damn this is difficult i have more than 10 fav bands but i will list the first ten that come to mind metallica pantera nirvana blink182 mxpx everclear silverchair weezer kid dynamite comeback kid ............awh but i like rancid,MH,pearl jam,the foo's.........too hard?(
  12. tanglewood

    Stoner Rock

    hmmm.......sounds like a fellow geordie in toon:up:
  13. this is possibly the best game ever!!
  14. tanglewood


    looking for a MG250 combo amp or a line 6 spider pm with details
  15. hey man its a 1.8 16v got a few marks got someone else interested too i can send you couple pics if you like
  16. will swap this for a small van, year/condition not important
  17. i am looking forward too seeing this mysterious band,and it is an awesome name for a band:up:
  18. not metalcore dude hardcore punk like kid dynamite, no trigger,comeback kid,etc what can you play?
  19. hardcore punk rules lets do it may need second guitarist if you fancy dude and a second vocalist
  20. sweet we can see if we can play the songs first then recruit a singer!?
  21. my vocals are ok i think have a listen to me here MySpace.com - DECIPHER - Aberdeen/Newcastle, East - Grunge / Pop Punk / Punk - www.myspace.com/decipherpunx but dont think i could drum and sing dude lets get together see what happens a may know a singer for offspring stuff
  22. would be up for offspring cover band could attempt the drums if you like?
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