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  1. Anyone got a Seymour Duncan single coils SSL-1 or Alnico Pro for bridge they would be willing to trade for a Antiquity 60's surfer ?
  2. I've had a guitar sprayed in a car paint shop. The finish is usually good, but you have to sand your body to be perfectly smooth. I'd also recommend priming and filling in the woodgrain. If you want something a bit out of the ordinary you could try simscustom.com they are expensive I know, however the work is usually top notch.
  3. Hi guys, PM me if you need any help repairing any of your gear. I've a degree in Electronic Engineering and have experience of repairing electronics. I can true bypass your pedals if it's possible. I will also customise or modify pedals if you require it. I have a lot of experience of repairing GCB-95 wahs and tubescreamers. I also offer a custom length high quality guitar cable with silencer (no noise when removing a cable from the amp) Ben
  4. I've got one, the reverb is connected by 2 rca jacks inside the amp. If you take off the back grill and look inside you will see the valves. On the right hand side there are some small Ecc83s. The jack runs up to the right of the 1st one near the transformer. You might find that the screws have come loose and its lifting off the base of the amp, especially if you've upgraded the speaker, beefier magnets can rip the screws which hold the tank down out the wood over time.
  5. Why dont you add in a bit about how your teacher at college thinks your bass is awesome, im sure thatll draw in the punters. Yo could teach up to grade 5 at least? non?
  6. well....... ben folds covers that was all
  7. Thecorporal

    Ben Folds

    Can you play the piano and sing like the folds? Or can you drum like Darren Jessee? If so send me a pm
  8. Hi Im in a band doing some PJ covers and writing our own stuff, we are in need of a dummer and a bassist. We would be interested in indie stuff too. We are both about 22. Any interest PM me. Ta
  9. Yeah, itll be at toms we have 3 of pj, and we are writing our own stuff already. even flow, yellow led and brain of j. Weve only just started practicing pj recently but weve been a band for a few months. I'll PM you my mobile no.
  10. dont matter. Can you make a practice next wednesday? the 18th?
  11. Interested in playing some pearl jam?
  12. There was a guy called wayne in a band called the threat. He loved wieland. He even had a megaphone. Worth a google?
  13. Hey Play bass? Like pearl jam? We are looking for a bassist in a pearl jam type band. We are going to play some covers then move on to do our own thing. Weve got drums 2 guitars and vocals. So PM or reply if you are interested. We all live in aberdeen and are about 22. An interest in final fantasy is appreciated but not essential. Laters Mins
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