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  1. hey folks,my guitars are past there best and i am a bit busy to sort them just now. anyways i aint too sure what i want i quite fancy an epiphone les paul but have been told the custom version is the way forward with this option. apart from that i quite liked a cort guitar i recently played(not sure on the model) but i have never heard of them up until this point so not sure what the scope is with them. if you have owt for sale,send me a message with price etc and i shall get back to you soon as thanks for your time:up:
  2. possibly............how much we talking?
  3. i can appreciate you have worked with cars for years but i work in a mot testing station 7 days a week and its not a fail unless the brakes actually do not work,but wheather you believe me or not is your preference:up:
  4. I agree the only good thing i can remember Duff doing was helping us salvage a point on the opening day of this season but i think we will do well this season things are looking well already,a good scrap in the championship will do us the world of good!
  5. Yes,i agree but no garage will instantly fail the car because the light will not go off.
  6. This information is incorrect. The ABS light staying lit will not fail an mot,tho it does however suggest there is a fault somewhere in the braking system. A vehicle would only fail if the brake efficency is below manufactuers recommendations:up:
  7. that was a good nite bri,i had to head off before the dirty tricks played tho (the cheap beer got hold off me) hope they had a good set:up:
  8. i agree its quite funny but then it sounds mint at times! so to sum up it sways between MCR singer and bruce dickinson:D i like that style of singing tho its cool bit more growl and it shall be perfect.....for me anyways:up:
  9. :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  10. em.... it was at captain toms dude:popcorn:
  11. er...i'm going to say no! who are they?
  12. ha ha apparently not!!! but ppl do lie ha ha so er............ what you doing these days milly?
  13. oh for reference the songs we did are phase me out confronted on my own
  14. i know what your thinking...................o_O WTF are they doing back!? tuff titty folks ha ha anyways for the ones that like us,the ones that do not like us and for the ones that love to hate us............we managed to get 3 demos done yesterday at cap t's not perfect but you shall get the idea DECIPHER (available for gigs) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  15. o_Osome ppl really go to far waht a load of sheds
  16. lose the spoiler and fit better wheels and that is one clean car! looks like a nissan bluebird
  17. iv seen plectrums and 10 watt amps before
  18. well well if it aint milner and his wise cracks again :laughing: how are ASFG doing just now?
  19. tanglewood


    what kind of van is it and what has it failed on?
  20. what make snare does the drummer use?it sounds class!!
  21. nowt much in the way of feedback but i guess no news is good news,right?
  22. ye i would prefer a combo amp bud,thanks anyways:up:
  23. i'll take that as constructive criticism
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