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  1. sinkins hit me up on facebook, I would like buy my guitar back :-) I would give a run down of the history about that guitar on here but too much to type.
  2. I am not going to debate on a forum as I feel it is inappropriate. I was an asshole enough said really.
  3. If this was aimed at Eternal Idol, I think you will find they walked after several complaints about the shocking sound on stage which made it impossible to continue playing and the venue did nothing to sort.
  4. Anyone??? Go on treat yaself to a lovely Xmas present.
  5. enjoyed this bands set last night... good to see another heavy band coming out of the woodwork in abdn..... will def try n catch them at their next gig.
  6. I am selling the following: Denon Amplifier Orion MD/CD player Tannoy Bookshelf Speakers All in good nic. I rarely use this setup any more and I am trying to clear some space and create some funds.. Open to offers, I can supply pics, please drop me a pm. Thanks.
  7. I have a white Nintendo Wii for sale. It is the Wii Resorts Edition, boxed, perfect condtion, 11 months old. 2 controllers, controller recharger and 5 games. also have full Rock Band for it. Looking for 190 but open to offers.... ----- Nintendo DS Lite for sale, black, about 2 years old. Mario Kart, Pokemon, Guitar Hero games, charger and case. Looking for 65 thanks
  8. Why don't you sell the guitars you don't use then just buy the guitar you want? I would be interested in buying that ibanez rg
  9. would also consider a part exchange for an OK bass and cash.... or if anyone wants this guitar and only has a guitar or bass to trade then please get in touch. Thanks.
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