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  1. 2.3ghz Celeron CPU 512mb Ram 80gb HDD Geforce 6200 128mb Video card. 16x Dvd - Rewriter drive Floppy Disk Drive 150buck please.
  2. Avoid king street. Sounds harsh, but its not until you know what your talking about and ask questions that you see the guy in there knows not very much about his animals. Buying a poorly kept animal from him just gives him more money to bring more in. He keeps hamsters about 10 per cage, he keeps spiders, lizards, turtles etc with a water tub with a sponge in it (Breeding ground for bacteria). He keeps arboreal (tree dwelling) snakes spiders and lizards in shallow tubs with nothiong to climb on. He doesnt have a clue about temperatures,humidity levels, of his animals. He couldnt tell you a latin name for any single one of his animals. He handles them all incorrectly causing much stress to them. He cant tell you where theyre from, the birth date, he cant guarantee the sex, if its a reptile or spider he doesnt give shedding dates or vital details like that. Overall do yourself a favour and boycott that shop. Theres a nice little shop in peterhead will do you a cheap healthy hamster. Im sure theres lots in the surrounding areas too. Just avoid king street!
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread but after seeing contra on thursday I must say that these guys are on the up again! They are sounding fantastic with the new bassist and hopefully well see them around a lot from now on!
  4. I resent that comment! my standard grades and highers beg to differ!
  5. The first band were a treat, they have a lot of potential in their own stuff, and d.o.p.e were outstanding. RAGE were RAGE. brilliant as expected, but contra were fucking amazing! big up the new bassist like, he was banging out the b-lines dub-stylee, absolutely awesome dont you think? an alright crowd aswell, wouldnt you say? was a good night had by all i reckon. looking forward to seeing contra again.
  6. Sorry Jake Spike, working saturday night, but i will be at JS tribute on friday, see you there?
  7. i dont often go to stuff like that, my music is punk, but i dont get it all that often and if my mates are going to power metal i might aswell swing along. I must say that for not even liking the music, i had a brilliant time at moshulu for dragonforce
  8. ive only been to moshulu twice, and this crowd was p00r, but i stillenjoyed myself. Last time i went was dragon force, and that was a very good crowd, shame it wasnt the same
  9. I actually wouldnt have minded going,what were tickets priced at? sounds like it went well
  10. okay, i decided to make a point, It wasnt me that was doing anything dangerous, but i had fun. didnt you?
  11. As for you HardcoreMazz, Nae luck. full? full generally means everyhthing, and if you were there, meaning you, and me, and all the other good mannered people, and thats not nice did i ever have a point? I dont know, meh, i managed to have fun even though all the 'tits' were going crazy, chill out man, why bother complaining?
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