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  1. 1X T Ticket 150! Okies, got one sold. So one ticket for 150!!!
  2. My sister's friend just pulled out! 350! Can meet in town centre. x
  3. Looking for join a band, obviouslly! Em, Im 20 and been working on improving my voice and things are going well. Looking for a band who's style is rock/electronic/punky, as long as I can sing well to it! Get back soon =) xx
  4. 1.Ministroni 2.Potato&Leek 3.Lentil 4.Vegetable (Country) 5.Caulliflower&Mushroom YUM YUM
  5. I love them, they are really good.
  6. While in a movie theater, a crazed man with a gun begins firing shots randomly. You're struck in the back of the head and fall slumped over in your seat as blood pours from your mouth. Ohh i am going to the cinema tonight
  7. Makes my mornings worthwhile.
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