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  1. Search for Scots Blues News on facebook
  2. Peacock Visual Arts, March 12. Anyone know if this gig is happening?
  3. One of my heroes, but only saw him preform live once, at Knebworth in '74
  4. High Noon - Classic western starring Gary Cooper. Nail biting stuff !
  5. I've seen his solo set before.....excellent! Really looking forward to tonights gig!
  6. Yeah this Friday......I hadn't forgot Who's the support?
  7. Sky is dead, a legend is born.
  8. The Pretty Things 'N Mates - Rockin' The Garage. A tribute to American garage rock. Originally recorded in the 80's but never officially released. Now out on the Voiceprint label. Brilliant vibrant music played suberbly well. Voiceprint Music - Release - VP418CD
  9. There's no sign of a web site either, unless I'm missing something.
  10. Disappointed to say the least with the announcement of the first few gigs. I would have thought they would push the boat out and open with a bigger name or two. They don't give the impression they are aiming very high. Here's hoping things get a little better in time. Seems to me they are not making the most of a golden opportunity to let the world know that The Lemon Tree is back! ?(
  11. Brilliant gig! My wife and I were standing at the front, one off the barrier dead centre of stage, ie. just to the left of Nick's mic stand. I think the jacket belonged to a female standing near us, she did get it back. Didn't really like the support act though.
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