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  1. i had a cat that was fond of plain crisps... my dog will eat just about anything! including cow shit....
  2. Then get a squirrel! no really.... Personal Squirrel Personally I cant really see it taking off, but I suppose stranger things have happend!
  3. maybe he had a bad day and wanted to unwind or something? either way, it is your birthday tommorow, and you dont have to go out when friends want too. he is most likely in a huff and will come around, so dont get too stressed. No one should make you feel that bad about not wanting to go out the day before your b/day (unless its his) dont pander to him, you have tried to help but he dosnt want it. speak to him tommorow or let him come to you. Have a nice b/day though, and dont let this spoil it? Got any big plans?
  4. I think it is actully real. I remember reading an interview about him a few months back and it mentioned it. the billboard poster i think is in the same style of the one with sophie dahl, where she is naked leaning back..execpt in his one it is him doing the pose... makes you wonder how it will smell....
  5. If anyone is intrested, i found this website - http://www.contactlenses.co.uk/ for buying contacts -branded ones too- way cheaper than in the shops.
  6. you know, as silly as it is, that never ever occured to me! but thanks all, that puts a few questions at ease! eye poking, here i come!
  7. I have a question for people who wear contacts and make-up. I am thinking of wearing contacts for going out etc.. but is most make-up suitible for contact wearers or should you wear hypoallergenic/sensitive stuff? Also is it ok to put then lenses in first or after? Thanks for any help, I don't know anyone who wears contacts so I can't ask anyone else.
  8. Oh i dunno, Wick has to be pretty high up on the list for the word dive!
  9. We use ad-aware 6.0 which finds adware, and quartines it. it seems to do a good job. I am not sure if it is availble on the net though, sorry.
  10. I think it is tommorow, and on the news it said there was another carribean festival to *complemt* it in hyde park i think. The committe for the Notting Hill carnival were none to pleased about it..
  11. Just so people know, i have been informed that yesterday they were having problems with the camera, and it was offline for a while. I think they are also only showing certain bands - they didnt show they headliners between 8-11pm. I am hoping they do tonight - i want to see the foo's!!
  12. I love bran flakes, but i rally really hate it when they break up into small pieces, then when you add milk its like a big mushy mess. ick.
  13. Here is a link to watch a live webcast for the Reading Festival - Reading Webcast I am currently watching/listening to GLC. enjoy
  14. Fluffy


    that time of the month haigyman? or not enough new pics of rach? lol
  15. what about cheese flavoured chocolate?
  16. cant be botherd going to get a glass, saves washing it too. milkshakes are nice, esp ones with ice cream in it
  17. well i have now moved onto schnapps -straight from the bottle, online games and dance music. ooh yay..
  18. soggy but tasty im sure..
  19. i had a dream last night that bf's bro bedroom door was taken off, as was the bathroom door. bathroom door was then put on bf's bro door space... i woke up on my back (i never sleep on my back), but this might have been because i was alone. was weird anyway, so real!
  20. sorry it was ment to say knives, typo. i hope the rest of the episodes are as good, because the show isnt as good as they hype, still its watchable.
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