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    i wasnt contradicting myself i was making you aware of possibilties that you may have not considered, as you sait you have hit the roof and remained up there ever since many murders have happend when people "hit the roof" i hope you dont murder mingetickler analogy manny walks into his bedroom to find his wife fucking his best mate, he hits the roof and haymakers both of them into a coma you think his actions were reasonable or logically thought out? the logical thing would be to walk away from the situation, but no blind rage made this man punch his wife and lover and he will have to suffer consquences end all your rage is doing to you is making you stamp your feet and complain seeking sympathy for what is done if you were more pro active go get something done about it!!!! id be more satisfied if i managed to get them to fix my amp by all means necessary, even if it includes going to trading standards, if i was in your situation more rewarding than just posting on here what you got to loose by going to trading standards? im on no-ones side here thats why the statements contradic each other if you feel that you have to spend alot of time on here typing about your unfortunate event rather than logically trying to solve this problem then your wasting your own time ok i have been made aware of what minge ticklers customer service is like, but you have a personal problem on your hands here and by trying to evoke peoples decision to shop there is a bit selfish people will shop there if they want regardless of what you tell them based upon your experiences im not very good with english/writing so please forgive my poor sentence structures and spelling I did well at maths tho!
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    I liked the jumper analogy too. To prevent this from happening again, you should probably hand wash your amp, or do it on a slow spin.
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    At the last gig I did the promoter advised the audience to 'buy his cds quick befiore he dies'...maybe there's something someone's not telling me? My life is more 'flechs and rugs and aitken's rolls' though.
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    R&B are really good, never heard a bad word.
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