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    A few years ago my mate pretended to be a 10 year old kid and wrote to Sangs asking about the Moray Cup label. Here are some of the questions and answers (I can't remember them all) 1. Why do the 2 men appear to be from somewhere other than Moray? Sang's answer: They are from Moray, they are just very heavily tanned. 2. Why do the 2 men appear to be an a tropical paradise, I have never seen a place like this in Moray? Sang's answer: It is a little known tropical island in the Moray Firth. 3. Why do they appear to be drinking a yellowy drink, when your delicious Moray Cup is red? Sang's answer: It is Moray Cup, the sun shining through it is making it appear yellow/orange. I am seeing him tonight so will get him to tell me the rest then. He got a free case of Moray Cup for his trouble.
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    Fucking retards. Shows how poor some journalism can be. For those not aware, Tom Huddlestone is a slightly chunky tottenham player. I photoshopped him looking a bit fatter and gave him a McDonalds bag in his hand and posted it on a Spurs forum. The daily mail somehow found it, believed it and it ended up on their website with a story! They've subsequently found out it was a wind up and amended their article now saying it's a prank. Tom goes large: No wonder Spurs find it hard to accommodate Huddlestone in their midfield | Mail Online
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    Did anyone post this yet? Crabcore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It will be deleated soon, so read it while you can!
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    don't worry. he got a hefty dose of the REP from yous truly.
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    he sounds like a right tit.
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    My Pet Hate today is the guy staying in the hotel I work in who called down last night wanting to know when breakfast was available. I explained in detail that room service breakfast is available whenever he wants it but cooked breakfasts are only available after 6am. We collected his breakfast card from the door and he wanted full cooked breakfast at 430am. He went ballistic on the phone telling me the guy he spoke to last night assured him he would be able to recieve a cooked breakfast anytime he wanted. I did point out that it was me he spoke to but this just resulted in him calling me a liar and informing me he would be "taking this further". Go for it you freaking twat! Edit: He just came down demanding to see the Duty Manager. When he found out that was me he just started swearing and left.
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    that website's horrible....stay put you bastardo!!
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