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Hows this for an idea to encourage people to dress up for the Awards: a Fudge King and Queen voted for on the night!

In a Shag Tag-stylee manner, anyone who wants to enter on the night gets a badge with a number on it at the start of the night with everyone getting handed a voting ticket. You go about the Awards eyeing up all the nicely dressed people and then vote for one lass and one guy on your slip and put it in a box up until, say, the start of the second half of the Awards bit. Someone then furiously goes through the slips and adds them up so that it can be announced as one of the last Awards. Some kind of throne could be errected, say, in the bit between the sound desk and the fire exit so the winners can get a prime view of the last band with maybe a bottle of that cheap 2.99 champagne Fudge likes so much and maybe some nibbles. Oh and crowns of course! :king::princess:

Or something......?

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you try furiously counting when you're as pissed as we're going to be. :)

top idea, but we have our most shaggable male and most shaggable female categories in the awards, and i wouldn't want to detract from their glorious triumphs. and on another vein, we'll be over-running by hours anyway...

the standard of attire last year was very good. we'll see how this year measures up. i really must decide what to wear.

i'm rambling now.

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