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just watching this film fpr the second time and oh how i love it :)

the soundtrack is ace

the audioslave song... ohhh, just loving it :)

but i didnt like the ending


the fact that tom dies in such an odd was just doesnt really work with the rest of the film

it just seemed that it was going to lead to something more. but dying on a sub way, just didnt work for me

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Guest MarkJDelaney

Colllateral is fanstastic, isn't it! I loved it. But I thought the ending was good, relates back to that story he told about the guy dying on the subway and no one noticing all day. I thought it was good that the average Joe taxi-driver didn't beat the pro-assasin with some killer shots or fighting - he got lucky. That was a change for once.

I thought the soundtrack was good too. There couldn't have been a better fitting song for that moment in the cab than the Audioslave track.

Jamie Foxx was really great. Don't need to mention Tom Cruise's performance!

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