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  1. i was out on saturday. and too was not impressed with the lack of meat in town. thing's are getting boring. but maybe people are saving it all for this 'wonderfull' summer we're going to have.
  2. hehe. i seen a pic of the blues brothers in there. i ended up at a party they were at. anyone know who they were? would be good to say thanks for letting me and my friend crash. glad to see crocker was still alive at the end. man where did ya go? totaly lost you after we went in the door. had a great night! cheers to everyone having fun! way!
  3. Mo-Ha


    i have the chair too! it's ace. but also too big for my room. i fall asleep in it all the time. i got mine in the sale. only 75 for it. was totaly chuffed since i was going o part with 110 the week before.
  4. i was wondering if anyone knew the date that big brother started this year?
  5. Yep they are! Feeling loved is the best feeling in the world. Okay splitting up with someone is never a good thing unless you need to, to be better people. Did anyone see the program that was on, on Sunday night about relationships? Its programmed into us to see someone as a completely different person for the first two/three years. Misguiding this as love and making the other person seam perfect makes us stay with someone long enough to have children, which at the end of the day is all were here for. Im quite worried that my brain is changing the way I see someone and making me feel a certain way about him. the fact that I may not have control over who I fall in love with is disturbing.
  6. Mat has a dog o_O wow. i would of taken the pizza and eaten it all. then once i got the secret note, put one on my front door say "nope it was shit! next time it's pepparoni and extra cheese!"
  7. must say that's never happened to moi!
  8. Of course! Cant get rid of me that easily! so whats been going on while Ive been away? No-ones telling. Ally, tell me everything!
  9. Haven't been in a while. Last time I was there tho was by accident and still managed to find people that I know to talk to. Used to love Friday nights in the main bitty, just dance my ass off all night, but from what I can tell Saturday nights are proving popular. Love it! Lots of good memories already!
  10. I was watching a film on sky movies as well, and a big flash announcement came across the screen so I could only hear the movie, the rating must be plummeting on all channels apart from the news, cuz they wont let ya see the fucking screen!
  11. not been around in a while, what's the bizz?
  12. i was just thinking of this the other day. i liked the beach but will go where ever the part is. i'm up for a summer of fun! : l:
  13. i don't mind long hair on guys. usualy makes me look twice and think yummy (but only if it's washed and brushed. long scruffy hair is disgusting! ) but i think you made the right move
  14. my apendix (not sure if that's how you spell it) burst inside me about two years ago. was so fucking painfull! for anyone who doesn't know it holds heaps of acids that were used for breaking down grass (when we did eat it, some still do i guess... o_O ) so could of died. scary aswell as painfull!
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