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Switchblade Romance.

Afro Droid

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i wanted a band called that....then i saw it was a movie and got sooo excited!

fuckin sick tho...like the "pleasuring" with the head at the start and the circular saw bit and the rape.....just all very sick

fuckng ace though!

And just when did you see it??

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Finally got round to watching it, what a pile of shite. Granted the deaths were pretty cool but the whole "i'm the killer although everyone was interacting with the guy so i must have had the physical appearance of him too" was fucking terrible.

How could you ram your own car off the road?

How could the gas station guy interact with 2 people when only one is present?

i'm a fan of random acts of sex, but a masturbation scene from nowhere?

What's the guys/girls motives?

Where's the characterisation? (everyone was soooooo generic)

Oral sex with a severed head? (how can a chick do it?)

And the soundtrack?!?!? They had a muse song playing for the most tense point in the entire film...

I am a lover of slashers and cheesy horror flicks but c'mon, this film was soooo banal and clichd.

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