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Kathyrn Sawers?


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Charmingly, Kathryn has neither. We've decided just to keep her for ourselves. She did actually record an album, I think for Sanctuary records, but decided she didn't wanted to release it. Cool. I have a pretty okay live recording from a previous Drakes performance. If this will suffice, you can do the PM thing.

The gig at Drakes is also with sister Amy, I think the first time they've played on the same bill.

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Sorry! It was too good to pass by.

Seriously though' date=' Kathryn is fabulous. I was playing some of her live things to Thomas Truax, Chris TT and Sgt Buzfuz......they were well impressed, especially Sgt Buzfuz. She should get her music available officially.[/quote']

its maybe coming in 05????

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she really is very good.

i asked if she had any cds to sell when i saw her at drakes. She said "sorry no' date=' but here, have a marrow instead" before taking one out of her bag. Nice touch.[/quote']

och u caught her on a good day, normally she carries a melon(&a)caulie in her bag

but as most of know they effect her humour

he he

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